Storm Chaser Creates Memorable Photographs Of Nature’s Fury

What do you get if you cross a meteorologist, a photographer with a physics graduate and a daredevil adventurer? A Marko Korošec! This resident of a small village in Slovenia is all this and more. He discovered his love for meteorology and photography very early in life, that is, during his primary school classes. At that stage itself, he procured some basic meteorological instruments for weather observation.

Image: Marko Korosec

Later, Marko developed this passion by establishing an automatic weather station to collect data on weather observations of his local region – Karst in southwestern Slovenia. He logged daily observations and measurements for several years and collected some interesting data on the climatology of Karst.

Image: Marko Korosec

But this is not his claim to fame. His real claim to fame is to chase extreme weather, such as damaging winter storms, severe summer storms, excessive rainfall during spring and many such thrilling climatic events, and photograph them in all their fury. Marko Korošec tornado snap is certain to scare you out of your wits! This Tornadofest witnessed over 15 tornados in a four-hour window in central Kansas.

Image: Marko Korosec

There are many other scary and surreal snaps that he savors. However, weather events are not the only ones that he snaps, his creativity also extends to capturing beautiful landscapes, seascapes and the night sky.

Image: Marko Korosec

Marko Korošec weather photography is so fantastic that it captures the climatic phenomenon in stunning details. Little wonder his National Geographic photos are something out of this world.

Image: Marko Korosec

You can also see Marko Korošec flickr collection of photographs to simply marvel at how he captures the weather in a foul mood! Marko korosec photos are a rage with his fans. Marko is also making waves on the social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, telegraph and others, where he enjoys a sizeable following.

Image: Marko Korosec

It is his sophisticated cameras that make all this possible. After purchasing a single-lens reflex (SLR) camera, a Cannon EOS 500N, the 35mm slide film camera, way back in 1998, he graduated to owning a digital camera – Canon PowerShot A60 in 2002. After that, when he got more involved with DSLR cameras, he purchased a Canon EOS 300D DSLR in 2005.

Image: Marko Korosec

Marko maintains that his aim and challenge is to get the most photogenic moments out from the raw power of Mother Nature, which, despite being scary, is a beautiful show of weather dynamics. It is no wonder that storm chasing has become a passion for this daredevil thrill seeker. He spends hours in chasing and collecting experiences of his close encounters with nature’s fury in the most dangerous weather conditions.

Image: Marko Korosec

It is thanks to people like Marko, that the general public is able to enjoy Nature’s fury from the comfort of their homes.

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