WATCH: A hare and tortoise race to the finish line. You won’t believe who actually won!

Aesop ‘s Fables really have a significant mark up until today, and one of the most famous fables he wrote back in 600BC is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. It’s hard to find someone who is not familiar with this classic story which holds a truly special moral lesson. The message of the story revolves around the principle: Slow and steady always wins the race.

The story’s significance might be easily shrugged off by people living in today’s modern time. However, there are people who have taken the story’s point by heart and even took it in a more literal and actual sense. In a footage taken last October 8, a pet expo in Thailand shows a tortoise and a hare set in a live race. This has been a perfect recreation of the story’s characters.

It was a very fascinating and gripping race. People were all cheering in the stadium as if the two animals could actually receive their applause and hail. The people were all intently hooked, and everyone was excited to see if the fable’s teachings do hold true. Mid-way through the finish line, something surprising and perhaps unexpected came up. The hare easily got distracted along the way and stood still while looking around with a rather curious and dazed look. And our tortoise remained steady and went on as the champion.

It might just be some sort of entertainment source for some, but it can actually also be a source of reminder for us to follow the example of the tortoise. We should proceed with our goals and destination steadily, so we can achieve whatever we want the soonest possible time. Be like the tortoise. Mind your consistency more than your pace.

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