Lifelike Cakes that Look Like Everyday Objects Ersin Gunduz

Turkish Cake Artist Amazes Viewers with Cakes that Look Like Everyday Objects

Although making cakes in the image of everyday objects is no more a novelty, it still doesn’t fail to excite us. One such confectioner, who has been amazing to his viewers on the internet, is Ersin Gunduz from Istanbul, Turkey.

The likeness of the cakes to the objects created is so incredible that if it were not for the cuts on the cakes, it will be impossible to tell them apart. Not for nothing does this 33-year-old call himself a ‘cake artist. And his range of creations is really astounding. From tennis ball, socket, and backpack to toilet paper and facemask, nothing is beyond Gunduz’s creative hands.

Take for instance his cake that looks exactly like a normal non-woven cloth mask lying around. It has everything, from the elastic straps to the part that covers the face made of edible sugar. It appears so realistic that even the unevenness of the material, when the mask is placed on the table, looks stunningly real. You will not believe it is a cake until you actually cut it! Similarly, his cakes, appearing as towels, remote controls, calculators, cushions, and more, continue to awe the viewers.

Gunduz has been a culinary professional for some years now and learned the art of transforming conventional cakes into a piece of art. It is his eye for detail that sets him apart from other cake artists. And the sheer crafting of the cake is so incredible that eating it will certainly amount to a felony!

Gunduz followed the normal path by enrolling in culinary courses and learning pastry arts, decorating desserts, and more. After undergoing a comprehensive curriculum, he honed his skills in working with chocolate, creating shapes using fondant, designing cake centerpieces, and learning various types of frosting. However, he turned to creating lifelike cakes in the image of objects into fine art.

The unique talent of this amazing cake artist would have remained hidden from the world were it not for the uploads of his creations on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. On Instagram alone, he has over 60,000 followers.

Ersin Gündüz Cake Studio


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