Canadian Makeup Artist Turned Replica and Creature Builder Creates Macabre Creatures

If you happen to walk into where Caitlin’s replicas and oddities for the strange and unusual are displayed, you can experience a shudder down your spine. These scary replicas are no less than those found in houses of horrors. All this is the handiwork of Caitlin, a makeup effects artist, who has turned replica and creature builder. And she showcases her frightening creations under the name SpiralFX. What’s more, you can also buy these creatures!

If you think that these horrible creatures will have no takers, think again. There is a waiting period of up to a month just to order one replica! This is because it is a one-person production, as Caitlin has to handcraft each piece in its gory details. So, if you actually mean to order her grotesque creatures, be prepared for a long wait with no refunds. Of course, if you receive the item in a damaged condition, you will get your refund.

Caitlin takes great pains in creating her creatures. She does not buy all the material used for making but sources 90% of it from discarded and repurposed pieces. With this material, she fabricates and sews the creatures from a scratch. She also sculpts and molds the faces and hands from foam.

Also, she does not outsource anything and does everything by her own hand. “…I don’t have mass producing machines, it’s all the classic messy way,” she shares on her Instagram page. Creating these by hand is certainly hard work, the reason why she jumps between projects is to keep herself from being burnt out.

Some of Caitlin’s outstanding products include life-size Emily and Victor. These creatures were replicated from Tim Burton’s film, ‘Corpse Bride’, which was deliciously spooky and macabre but at the same time heartwarming.

Regarding her own self, Caitlin shares on, “…I’m just a midwestern Canadian girl bringing her favorite characters to life because I can. I’ve days where I get manic and hyper-focus on one thing.” Little wonder she’s so dedicated and focused on creating these replicas in so many details.

So, what inspires Caitlin to create creatures from the dead? She shares on, “After laying my mother to rest in 2016, I’ve developed a loving relationship with cemeteries. They were once a place of fear and unknown. Now I find myself taking long walks through to think, to breathe, and to just exist.”

Caitlin’s creations are grabbing eyeballs on the internet.

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride


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