English Artist Creates Black and White Portraits Including that of Johnny Depp

Portrait artists are in a class of their own, but Scott R Greenwood, who uses the acronym SRG for his name on Instagram, simply hits another level. His creations, all in black and white, are selling like hot cakes.

Based in Manchester, England, this 26-year-old contemporary artist specializes in largescale black and white artwork. So good is he that at just 24 he was painting celebrities and global brands on commission. These include musicians, such as Russ and Bugzy Malone; footballers Raheem Sterling, James Maddison and Jesse Lingard; both current and former captains of Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand and Harry Maguire; as also the founder and owner of PrettyLittleThing, Umar Kamani. He has also been commissioned by PUMA Ltd. and PhD Nutrition for his creations.

However, SRG’s repertoire is not only limited to internationally known companies, world renowned athletes and brand owners; he also creates animals, nude portraits, flowers, and kids’ favorite Disney characters and Marvel superheroes, besides other subjects. He renders them in his own unique style. In some of his creations he uses a dab of gold color that gives a magical effect to his creations. He has a separate collection of gold prints that include Johnny Depp, Neymar Jr., Messi, Ronaldo, and others.

Regarding Johnny Depp’s black and white portrait, SRG not only painted it but also delivered it to him. So enamored was Depp with this gesture that he signed some of the prints of the portrait and hugged him warmly. When SRG said, “It wouldn’t have been possible without you.” He replied, “Nothing would have been possible without you. Thank you.” SRG has posted a short video clip of this on Twitter. Little wonder the portrait is a part of his gold collection.

Of course, all his originals and prints are popular with his customers. These creations provide him with a base to revisit and paint new pieces on demand. This also eggs him on to display his creativity to the world by making more largescale paintings. In addition to paintings, he also creates custom luxury accessories that are no less a collectors’ items. However, his original creations are not cheap and currently range between £750 to £12,000. The price obviously is dictated by size and design. However, his prints can be had for as less as £20 per print.

A measure of SRG’s popularity can be gauged from his followership on Instagram that is over 200,000 and counting.

Scott R Greenwood

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