Russian Specialist Confectioner Creates Elaborate Cakes in the Likeness of Luxury Castles

If you want to see luxurious palaces and richly adorned castles, you don’t need to visit them physically. Just visit the confectionary shop of Renat Agzamov, a Russian confectioner, who creates extremely elaborate architectural marvels and much else in the form of cakes.

Such is the expertise of this outstanding confectioner that his cakes look like real castles and palaces. And these are no figments of his imagination but are actual architectural wonders from around the world. Take, for instance, his cake called ‘The Zwinger Castle’, which is the exact replica of the most famous architectural monuments of Dresden, Germany, or the ‘Trevi Fountain Cake’, a detailed copy of the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, which is equipped with an operating mini fountain! This cake took him three months to design, prepare and create.

Agzamov’s cakes are unique and exclusive and are meant for the rich and affluent since they are extremely expensive. It comes as no surprise that his orders come from world-famous celebrities. In 2006, he created a luxury wedding cake for NHL star Alexander Ovechkin on his marriage to Nastasya. His cake ‘Romeo and Juliet’ had transparent caramel columns illuminated from the inside. The transparent elements were illuminated in cold light and chocolate decorations, in warm light.

Agzamov’s confectionery company, where he is the chief specialist, offers a wide variety of cakes, including those for children. Spiderman inspired one cake that he created for the kids. Another one was on the theme of ‘Beauty and the Beast, based on the movie of the same name. This cake was ordered by someone staying abroad. For this, he had to transport all the ingredients to the customer’s city and created the cake in mere three days, working nonstop with his team. The cake weighed a whopping 1,500 kilograms!

Originally from Sochi, the Russian city on the Black Sea, and currently based in Moscow, Agzamov has many honors and awards to his credit. He has been Champion of Russia in confectionary and a prize winner in World Championship. He has a huge following of over 2.7 million on Instagram alone.

Agzamov’s confectionery company, where he is the chief specialist, offers a wide variety of cakes, including those for children

Renat Agzamov

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