‘The BakeKing’ Dazzles All with Incredible Extreme Cakes

If you ever want to play a prank on someone, Ben Cullen’s cakes will certainly give you a thumping success! This is because this King of Cake bakes cakes that perfectly imitate everyday items of food, vegetables, fruits, and much else…even human body parts! So realistic are they that it becomes difficult to distinguish between the real items and his imitation cakes. No wonder his creations have earned the title of ‘Extreme Cakes’.

What comes as an even bigger surprise is that this 29-year-old artist was a former tattoo artist, who till not so long ago was creating tattoos on his clients. What motivated him to change tracks can be called an accident. He elaborates on soundhealthandlastingwealth.com, “I’d no intention or even knowledge of cake artistry as a type of art. But in 2015, the mum of a customer I was tattooing showed me some cake decorating models she’d made. I was fascinated and had to give it a go, and as soon as I did, I became obsessed and wanted to master the craft.”

At that time, Cullen had never baked in his life. In fact, when he started on this path, he had phoned his mother to ask how to bake! He learned on his own and never took any formal training in cake baking. But once he got started, there was no looking back and the result was his captivating optical illusion cakes that are more like pieces of artwork.

Hailing from Birmingham, England, and now based in Chester, England, this cake artist has been rightly dubbed as ‘The BakeKing’. There’s simply nothing he cannot create as a cake, be it a plate of two-egg breakfast with beans and bacon, or McDonald burger with chips, or even a full-sized man lying on the bed!

Cullen takes longer than a day to make a cake, depending upon its complexity. He particularly fancies creating cakes for celebrities. His list of clients includes celebrities, such as Johnathan Cheban, Megan McKenna, Rita Ora, and many more. On Instagram Cullen enjoys a viewership of over 290,000 fans.

The Bakeking – Ben Cullen

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