How To Put Your Models On Their Feet And How To Build A Complete Model From Scratch

Laser Creation-World is a German family project that sits in the niche of diorama making. The LCW team’s work is highly intricate and detailed, offering various models for a variety of topics. From World War II to futuristic fantasy to peaceful village scenes, each LCW creation offers something different and exciting for viewers.

Laser Creation World is a team of four. Thomas, Jana, Pascal, and Lilly are the founders and creators of Laser Creation World. Together they create dioramas and model scenes that can be seen on YouTube.

In 2018 they started to post videos online of their work in the field of model construction. Since then they have been creating dioramas and scenes for all kinds of different topics such as World War II, fantasy, end times, and peaceful life.

Thomas received his diploma in Model Design and began to explore the world of the model building at an early age. A passion that still exists today and has led him to laser cut model components as well as dioramas. After some time in the industry, Thomas admits “I spent more time printing with my printer than I had time for anything else.”

The craft of miniature building is second nature to Thomas. As a child, he was always fascinated by the bright colors and intricate details of his model trains. He developed an appreciation for historical accuracy, scale, and artistic flair. As an adult, He refined his skills by studying the master artists that take their hobby beyond just one beautiful train!

Put plastic models on their feet with 3D Models and laser-cut files

Whether you’re a model builder, an art enthusiast, or simply somebody who appreciates great craftsmanship, you’ll find Laser Creation World to be entertaining. The channel is especially worthwhile for those who enjoy fantasy and model making; each diorama has a unique story to tell and something interesting to offer.

You can feel the passion that went into these dioramas, and like many passionate people around the world, they’ve taken a craft to the next level. Though some of them may be replicas, I think it’s probably best to consider all of them as original creations by Laser Creation World.

We’re looking forward to seeing more from Laser Creation World in the future, and we would highly recommend checking out some of their other videos (links included below).

Laser Creation-World

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