Greek Miniature Artist Creates Incredible Miniature Models

One look at Andreas Roysounelis models and you know he is a master miniature artist. His expertise lies in box dioramas, among other miniature models. His incredible miniatures can be seen on Instagram and other websites. What’s more, you can also buy them at his Etsy shop.

What started out as a hobby seven years ago for Andreas, soon turned to a full-time occupation. Although he trained as a graphic designer, it was his love for handmade miniatures that had him in its grip. He soon turned into a professional miniature artist and adopted hyperrealism as his art style. He gets inspiration for his artwork from Greek architecture, mostly Cyclades architecture.

This amazing Greek miniature artist, who grew up in Athens and now lives in Kifisiá, Greece, shares on, “I make different miniatures every season. I prefer Greek themes for the summer and abandoned scenes for the other seasons.” He makes his realistic creations using paper, plastic, and wood. As far as coloring is concerned, he uses light colors for Greek dioramas and dark ones for abandoned scenes. It takes him from one week to two months to finish a piece, depending on its complexity.

Andreas is fascinated by abandoned doors and sceneries that he picks up from photos. He also makes scale models of buildings, streets, cars, and trucks. He is very much aware of the impact his miniatures can create in a space. Says he on, “A piece of artwork can positively change the atmosphere and add good energy if it fits and matches the style of the place and surroundings, whether in the house or in the office.”

Although Andreas’s miniatures are lapped up by private collectors, his dream is to get his handmade artwork displayed in an art museum.

Andreas Rousounelis

Instagram | Etsy Shop

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