JK Brickworks Lets People Enjoy The Challenge Of LEGO Bricks

They’ve certainly taken LEGO brick creations to the next level. Meet Jason Allemann and his partner, Kristal, who make incredible models out of LEGO bricks. And these are no run-of-the-mill kind of models, but custom ones that are designed by them.

The duo found fame with two successful LEGO Ideas projects – 21305 Maze and 21315 Pop-Up Book. They even had Savage build a copy of their Sisyphus model in one of his ‘One Day Builds’ videos. So popular are their models that thousands of people around the globe have built them according to the instructions provided by them.

It’s evident that he loved building Allemann with LEGO bricks since his childhood. This childhood fun soon turned into a passion and from his Classic Space sets, he graduated to designing intricate Technic models. As a teenager, he used LEGO bricks for his science and engineering projects too.

It was these early Technic sets that not only got Allemann interested in building mechanical creations but also set him on the path to becoming a full-time LEGO modeler. But it wasn’t an easy journey since as a young adult he had to contend with many other distractions that put his passion for LEGO on the backburner for almost a decade.

However, Allemann’s interest was aroused once again when LEGO obtained the Star Wars license and marketed the product as LEGO X-Wing set 7140. In no time, he had filled up his living room with Star Wars sets. However, there was further excitement in store for him when LEGO introduced the first version of their Mindstorms programmable robotics system. The software developer in him couldn’t overcome the temptation of working with it.

These two LEGO sets turned Allemann from a casual LEGO builder to a full-time Adult Fan of LEGO. He started collecting and building sets of all themes offered by LEGO. He went on to create LEGO stop motion videos and started designing his own custom models.

It was at this juncture that Allemann met his partner Kristal. The two together started building their signature models and soon JK Brickworks came into existence. This brand aims to bring people’s ideas to life and helps them to build whatever they can imagine.

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