Art by Tania Wursig: Unique paintings of women and nature

Tania Wursig is a painter and textile designer from Australia. She was born in Sydney and has lived in both Sydney and Tahiti for the past decade.

Her work can best be described as a celebration of life, nature, and the “feminine.” Her paintings are imbued with strong cultural influences inspired by her travels and her exposure to the Tahitian people and traditions.

Tania Wursig graduated from Sydney College of the Arts majoring in fashion and textile design. During her time there she experimented with the textural possibilities of painting on collaged surfaces of textiles, coconut husk, postcards, and various ephemera collected on her travels. These grounds add narrative to the paintings connecting the subjects with culture and place.

Wursig’s work has been shown around the world including France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., USA, Hawaii, and Tahiti where she currently lives.

Tania Wursig is certainly an artist to keep an eye on. Her work is in demand and with the quality of her work – it’s not hard to see why. Her website and other online material, including a Facebook page, give plenty of background information on her, which makes following her career a pleasure.

We think that Wursig’s unique style is interesting and compelling, and we hope you agree. Be sure to check out her website (Links at the bottom of the blog) for more examples of her wonderful artwork!

Tania Wursig

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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