Noel Cruz’s Celebrity Doll Repaints Become A Rage

You must have heard of or seen wax sculptures of celebrities, but have you ever imagined dolls in the likeness of celebrities! This is exactly what Noel Cruz does, this versatile and distinguished repaint artist has created doll masterpieces inspired by models, such as Gene, Tyler, Sydney and much more. Little wonder, Noel has built a reputation and a sizable following for his character and celebrity-based dolls.

People love Noel’s creations that possess an uncanny resemblance to people they represent. He gets into intricate details to infuse a natural lifelike essence in the lifeless figurines. With every creative work, Noel raises the bar by attempting to impart a freshness to all his creations. Of course, Noel Cruz’s doll’s price varies with the kind of details it includes.

Noel’s specialty is his repaints that are a new take on the common mass-produced dolls. For example, when the doll of Selena Quintanilla, the singing legend, was created, it turned out beautiful but did not exactly catch her spirit. Noel took it upon himself to give this doll a makeover.

To give Selena doll a more realistic look, Noel replaced the original body with Mattel Fashion Model Barbie body, which according to him, was a scale-wise better fit. The original body was loose and not scale appropriately. For the face, he resorted to three-dimensional repainting, shading, and highlighting of eyebrows, lips, and eyes. This brought the Selena doll to life. Is it any wonder that this repainted doll went for a whopping one thousand dollars on eBay!

Such is the beauty of his repaints that no two are exactly alike. With his focus on both aesthetics and likeness, Noel has developed a style of his own that can be seen on hundreds of dolls that include some unique and exotic originals, as well as, most recognized celebrities.

For his creative mind and unique dolls, Noel Cruz, the artist, has made a mark among collectors and artists alike. His dolls are now lapped up by private collectors, as these creations are no less than masterpieces of the great artists.

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Noel Cruz Art

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Noel Cruz Art

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