For This Grandma Arrival Of A Baby Girl Meant Disappointment

A grandma was presented a black balloon to prick by her excited daughter, who had delivered a baby but had not revealed the gender to her. She asked her, “Boy or girl?” and let her prick the balloon.The moment she did so, her fervent wish to get a grandson was rudely shattered when she saw pink confetti falling into her lap.

It took some time for this news to sink in, but when it did, the grandma’s reaction to the baby news was most astounding. Her first response was, “F***ing girl!”, and continues quite audibly, “Oh, never mind, as long as it’s all right, as long as it’s lovely. What are you naming her, Maggie May from down the way?”

This reaction from soon-to-be-grandma was shocking, to say the least since the parents were apparently happy to have been blessed with a baby girl. This reaction could also be because the family may have had a series of girls and the granny was looking forward to a male child. But, it still puzzles that the arrival of a girlchild of one’s own daughter would get such a cold and inappropriate response from her.

It is no wonder this video, posted on Facebook, has been shared over 10,000 times.

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