Quick Thinking Of Former Marine In Taking An Unattended Truck Saves Precious Lives In Las Vegas Shootout

When it’s raining bullets, only the bravest of the brave think of others before self. This was proven in the most befitting manner in the recent horrifying shooting incident in Las Vegas.

Image Via: Taylor Winston

When Taylor Winston, 29, a former marine, who was attending the concert heard bursts of rapid gunfire and saw bullets raining on the hapless spectators jampacked in the open-air auditorium, he wasted no time in helping out the injured. Remaining calm and composed in the midst of all the confusion and cries, wailing and weeping, he headed straight for an empty unattended truck and luckily found the keys inside.

Image Via: CBS News

He removed the toolbox from the truck and loaded it with people who had sustained bullet injuries and drove them straight to emergency care. It took him three full trips to do so. It is not known how many he helped save by this action, but he is being hailed as a true hero.

But what about the actual truck owner? Well, he did contact Winston after three days and the text they exchanged went something like this:

Truck owner: “Hey Taylor told you might have the keys to my truck? All I want (sic) is the key. Other than (sic) that it’s all water under the bridge to me and how’s the person you hauled doing?”

Winston: “I have em for ya. When do you want to meet for em? We’re at the Monte Carlo. I took about 30 critically injured to the hospital. Your truck was extremely important saving those people’s lives. I don’t know it they all made it. Sorry about doing so and all the blood.”

Winston continues: “I saved the toolbox too. We pulled it out to fit more people but put it back in after the 3rd trip.”

The social media was full of praises for what Winston had done. And who would mind this former marine taking their truck for this life-saving mission?

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