This Photographer Brings Out The Subtle Differences Of Identical Twins Through His Amazing Photography

We are generally left wide-eyed seeing identical twins. It is certainly exciting to find two different individuals a mirror image of each other. However, Peter Zelewski, a photographer, has taken upon himself not only to photograph such identical twins but also to delve into their special world.

What started Zelewski on this quest was his fascination for the incredible bond that exists between identical twins, their similarities and their differences. Not to mention the unique personalities of each individual.

According to him, “When I first started the project, it was without a doubt the visual attraction which I found most interesting when taking portraits of twins. But, as the series progressed, it was the subtle differences that became equally interesting.”

The Detroit-born Zelewski, residing in London since 1980s, found his subjects in this diverse and cosmopolitan city. Such was his desire to capture the identical twins in his camera that he would go after all identical twins he can lay his hands on, irrespective of their age, gender and background.

Zelewski’s superb photographic skills not only captured the physical attributes of the identical twins but their moods too. He prefers to shoot his subjects in the outdoor natural light. For effect, he ensures that the twins are similarly dressed and give similar poses to highlight their physical similarities as well as their invisible bond of togetherness.

You can very well feel the individuality of each of the twins, through their subtle differences in expression and moods. A case in point is Zelewski’s portrait of 15-year-old identical twin brothers, Joe and Duke. He was able to photograph the differences in their physical appearance and temperament by making them wear similar vests. The different personalities of these twins shine through in this incredible aesthetic masterpiece.

Zelewski photographic romance with identical twins is certainly delighting the net surfers!

# Joe & Duke

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

# Bill and Toby

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

# Chloe and Leah

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

# Reggie and Mickie

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

# Delilah and Tululah

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

# Kira and Taya

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

# Sharmeena and Ridhwana

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

# Var and Ronja

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

# Chè and Leonie

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

# Edwina and Rebecca

Image Via: Peter Zelewski

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