This Amazing Doodler Is Becoming Popular On The Social Media Through His Fantastic Doodle Artwork

We all have doodled back in our school and college days and our inspiration used to be either a dull subject or a boring teacher. And we used to pass our mess of scribbles as intricate designs!

It never entered our minds that someone could make a profession out of doodling. It is really to the credit of 28-year-old Lei Melendres to have done so. This Manila-based freelance illustrator and doodler describe himself as “Freelance professional doodle artist and illustrator from the Philippines.”

Whether it is a coloured doodle or one in black and white, his intricate artwork, using Infinity Mix, always turns out flawless. Little wonder it is being lapped up by his fans on the social media. His artwork is also being used for packaging, clothing, mobile apps and reputed publications.Most of the art and design websites and local and international art galleries also display his doodles.

Not only is Melendres perfect in creating his figures, but his creative mind knows what to place where in his beautiful jumble of figures and designs. Such is his popularity on the social media that he boasts of almost 70,000 followers on Instagram and many more on other online platforms.

Lei Melendres

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