Mom Photoshoots Her Three Daughters To Recreate Scenes From Oscar-Nominated Movies

The iconic scenes from movies stick in our minds, thanks to the excellent screenplay and cinematography. However, it is one thing to consign these scenes to memory, but quite another to recreate them using your own kids as the movie characters!

This is exactly what Maggie Storino, a Chicago resident, does with her three kids – seven-year-old Sonia, five-year-old Sadie and two-year-old Sloane. She uses them to recreate scenes from Oscar’s best picture nominees and photoshoots them. It is so refreshingly cool to see these kids in the garb of actual movie characters.

So, how did Storino hit upon this idea? It all started when she received a black tutu for her baby girl and thought why not make her wear it like the character in the Oscar-nominated movie ‘Black Swan’ and take a snap. The snap turned out really nice and impressed Storino no end.

She showed it to her family and friends and received amazing feedbacks. This prompted her to try out the classic scenes from Oscar’s best picture nominees. She took pains to recreate the scenes by making her kids wear not only the same clothes, but also the same expressions, with a backdrop that was nearly the same. She shot these scenes with her still camera.

Storino has become such a pro at it that she has been photo-shooting her kids in a variety of scenes from Oscar’s best picture nominees for the past eight years. She had made her kids stand in the shoes of Hollywood megastars, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Bradley Cooper and many more. So, enamored was Casey Affleck of the still from his ‘Manchester by the Sea’ that he requested to keep the photo for himself.

Needless to say,Storino’s efforts were well rewarded when her photos got splashed all over the internet. Today, her creations enjoy a following of almost 20,000 on Instagram.

# Mad Max (2005)

Image Via: Don’t Call Me Oscar

# Manchester By The Sea (2016)

Image Via: Don’t Call Me Oscar

# The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Image Via: Don’t Call Me Oscar

# Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Image Via: Don’t Call Me Oscar

# La La Land (2016)

Image Via: Don’t Call Me Oscar

# The Revenant (2015)

Image Via: Don’t Call Me Oscar

# Birdman (2014)

Image Via: Don’t Call Me Oscar

# Darkest Hour (2017)

Image Via: Don’t Call Me Oscar

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