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Adorable Twins Turn 100, Celebrate Their Birthday In Style

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When identical twins, Maria and Paulina, were born, little did they know they would live to see a 100 together. Camila Lima, a photographer, could not help, but capture this rarest of the rare occasion in her camera and preserve it for posterity.

Image Via: Facebook

The photo shoot of these twin sisters, Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi, happened on May 15, 2017, in Ilha do Frade, located in the city of Vitória (Brazil). It commemorated the unique occasion of the twins crossing the century mark and celebrating it in style.

Image Via: Facebook

The incredible photo shoot of these adorable good looking twins was most aesthetically shot in various settings – in tooled skirts sitting in the garden in a pink setup, wearing T-shirts that say 100, driving around in a pink car and embracing each other, celebrating 100 years of togetherness.

Image Via: Facebook

Camila told, “I had never met anyone 100 years old, let alone twins! I got in touch with their family and offered the photo shoot as a gift.” The family agreed and the twins put on beautiful dresses and did their hair for the photo shoot.

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Paulina is a mother to six children, grandmother to 19 grandchildren and great-grandmother to 16 great-grandchildren, while Maria has five children, 12 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. During her lifetime, Paulina faced and managed to overcome some grave health problems – cancer and two heart attacks.

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The photographic essay made waves at the national level. And why not? The special connect between the two sisters is quite evident in this stunning photo shoot that not only warms the cockles of everybody’s heart who see the pictures but has also enraptured the world.

Image Via: Facebook

Seeing their indomitable spirit and will to live life king size, one can only wish them many more years to come. Watch this space for their 101st birthday!

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