Incredible Sculptor Give Illusion Of Flexibility To Solid Things

Alex Chinneck opens up houses like a can of sardine and ties concrete pillars, grandfather clock, and much else in knots. No, he’s not a strongman displaying his brawn, but a sculptor showcasing his artistic talent. It’s his fusion of art and architecture that makes his creations so unique.

Chinneck shares his art with, thus, “I try to make the everyday world that surrounds us momentarily extraordinary, weaving fantasy into familiarity. My work attempts to playfully challenge perceptions of possibility, refusing to let physics get in the way of imagination…”

In an interview with, this British sculptor reveals how he fell in love with art, “I’ve always made art, but I didn’t become particularly passionate about it until I was 16. As is often the case, it began with a passionate person, who was an art teacher, and he helped me fall in love with art.”

Chinneck began as a painter and went on to graduate from Chelsea College of Art in London, UK. However, his desire to experiment with different materials led him to sculpt. He found the possibilities endless in creating sculptures and loved handling materials and processes in pursuit of this art.

Chinneck’s mammoth sculptors are not easy to create and require a lot of material. For example, in his first creation, he created the illusion of 312 identically smashed windows using 1,248 pieces of glass. This was his first piece on an architectural scale and was very well received. This acted as a great motivation for him and encouraged him to make his creations both enjoyable and visually pleasing.

According to Chinneck, different things inspire him and one of them is location. He loves creating public artworks that people can see and enjoy. He shares with, “…there are certain elements that I like, such as playfulness and fun. Moreover, I like this illusion of flexibility in materials that aren’t typically flexible.” For instance, putting a knot in solid pillars, clocks, beams, and what have you!

Chinneck is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. His works and installations are visited by millions and have been featured extensively by the international media.

Alex Chinneck

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