Brazilian Artist Uses Everyday Objects To Create Unique Illustrations

With the artist Victor Nunes, nothing can go waste. This is because he has the gift of turning everyday objects into art that people usually consign to the garbage can. This 63-year-old retired art director from São Paulo, Brazil, opened a Facebook page to post his art from ordinary objects. And he’s doing so on a daily basis.

Nunes has the ability to turn anything into art. For example, he turns a feather into a knife, alone grape into a red balloon, and even make cookies sweep the floor! What’s most heartening is this artist can never run out of art material that ranges from foil pill packaging to pencil shavings and food.

Nunes is a master at pairing multiple objects together into delightful scenes. He blends everyday objects with his line art to form compositions that are unexpected and simply awesome. And the variety he has produced speaks volumes of his limitless imagination and visualization.

In his series, ‘Faces’, Nunes places objects, such scissors, pumpkin seeds, and anything mundane he can lay his hands on, on a page, and then freely sketches around them to produce his signature works of art. His compositions, made using simple illustrations, are quite witty and delightful.

Nunes serves as a great example of pareidolia, the tendency for seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns, and suchlike things. We all have this in varying degrees, the reason why we recognize Nunes’ popcorn or bread as faces. His creative images inspire us to look at the world differently and find creativity and art in the most ordinary things that surround us.

Nunes is not the only one doing such artwork, there are others too, such as Tineke Merink, who uses photographs for the same purpose, and Javier Perez, who combines his art with smaller objects. The simplicity of such illustrations gives credence to the fact that you don’t need to be a trained artist to be able to express art.

The popularity of Nunes’ art is growing on the internet and he has a sizeable following on Instagram.

Victor Nunes Faces

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