Tiger-Lover Creates This Fierce Beast On Canvas In Incredible Details, Besides Other Wild Animals

Never enter Nick Sider’s art studio in the dark, where his works are displayed, for you can get scared out of your wits seeing tigers and other wild animals ready to pounce you! Such is the incredible likeness that this self-taught acrylic painter brings to his animal creations on canvas, particularly tigers.

This internationally renowned Canadian artist, based in New York, USA, had a fascination for tigers since he was a child. And since his childhood, he always wanted to be a painter. However, despite being passionate about art, he could not realize his dream to become a full-fledged artist. Instead, he took up a job.

When Sider reached the age of 25, he decided to chuck his job and turn to art. He taught himself to paint and relocated to New York City in 2014. So good was the work that he held his first solo show in NYC in 2016. Through art, he realized his childhood fascination for tigers by painting these big cats in his hyper-realistic style. He also painted other wild animals.

The pains that Sider takes to bring out the details of his fierce subjects make his paintings comparable to photographs, nay, they go beyond the details that photographs provide! Some of them are so realistic that they appear to leap out of their canvases! His incredibly detailed wild animal creations capture both their stunning beauty and wild ferociousness. He shares with mymodernmet.com, “My favorite moment while painting is when a subject on my canvas begins to come alive.”

It’s not always animals that Sider paints, but humans too. And unlike many other painters, he doesn’t focus on celebrities, but common people, capturing their innocent expressions and emotions on canvas in realistic colors. However, it’s his renderings of animals, such as tigers, lions, bears, rhinos, and others, that has made him famous.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that his works have given Sider international fame. He’s popular on the internet and enjoys a following of over 169,000 fans on Instagram alone. His works have featured in CGTN America and Vie Magazine and have been displayed in several exhibitions in NYC.

Nick Sider

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2 thoughts on “Tiger-Lover Creates This Fierce Beast On Canvas In Incredible Details, Besides Other Wild Animals”

  1. You were standing next to a beautiful lion, that you had been painting, Oh I am sure while I sat looking at this picture tears streaming down my face ,I couldn’t tell you why I was crying, over your picture, but something absolutely beautiful touches me and I am sure everyone else also. I know no way possible I could afford to buy your painting, but just curious how much does your painting go for?

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