Polish Artist’s Hazy Paintings Seem Like Internet Glitches but Grab Eyeballs

Luiza Niechoda’s landscape paintings may look hazy and pixelated but they arrest the immediate attention of the viewers. This is because this Polish artist puts her emotions into each and every one of her creations. Says she on mymodernmet.com, “I know my pieces are landscapes, but in my head, they’re feeling.” That is why viewers can feel her paintings of misty mountains and verdant forests.

Niechoda, who is an oil and mixed media artist, uses abstraction as her technique, instead of focusing on the details like most artists do. This is what infuses feelings in her works. Her work is a mix of sharp lines and haziness that creates a balance between realism and hard-edged geometric abstraction. Take, for instance, her canvases featuring a thatch of dark green pine trees and blue-toned ground and sky, these all appear distorted due to the application of geometric swatches.

People who viewed her works online called it pixelated art and started joking about how they thought something was wrong with their internet connection since the image ‘didn’t load entirely’! This encouraged Niechoda to research the glitch effect and pixel sorting further to arrive at her unique style.

Niechoda was no stranger to art before she opted for it full-time. She was a graphic designer and marketer in a startup before that. In addition, she holds an engineering degree in geodesy and cartography. Getting inspired by the works of the Pacific Northwest and Romantic artists, such as Friedrich and JMW Turner, she decided to try painting. She started sharing her old realistic pencil portraits on Instagram and went on to create less realistic landscape paintings till she evolved her own style.

Niechoda shares on mymodernmet.com, “One of the big factors influencing my new style was definitely my education. I’ve decided I want my paintings to incorporate geometric shapes and brushstrokes to be only vertical and horizontal.” In addition, the warm light and the countryside settings of eastern Poland, where she was born and grew up, also manifest in her works.

You can follow Niechoda on Instagram for her latest creations and buy them on her website.

Luiza Niechoda

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