Henry Moodie – A TikTok Star and Celebrated Social Media Influencer

In present times, social media platforms and video hosting services can catapult one to unending fame. Such is the case of Henry Moodie. This singing star and model from England became world-renowned on TikTok and has garnered more than 61 million likes for his original vocals of popular songs and artists.

Born in 2004, this 18-year-old, who wins people’s hearts with his deadly looks, style, charming grin, and fantastic personality, started posting his songs on TikTok in January 2019. Today, his single ‘You Were There for Me’ has gone viral on multiple social media platforms and video hosting services. His eyeball-grabbing pictures and videos on different social media platforms became a rage in no time and built him a mammoth fan following. It comes as no surprise that he has over 4.6 million followers on TikTok and more than 547,000 fans on Instagram.

This social media influencer, in addition to singing, is also well known for his satire video cuts, moving recordings, and lip-matches up on TikTok. He has covered the popular single ‘Torn’ on TikTok, sung by Natalie Imbruglia, an Australian singer-songwriter and actress. He also became a member of the band – The 202 – along with Luke Scott, who plays guitar and bass, and Eddie Jones, a singer who plays guitar and piano. With Moodie at the helm, this UK pop band released its first official video, an acoustic version of their original song ‘Dance Floor’. The band followed this with an acoustic cover of Billie Elish’s track ‘Bad Guy’.

In addition, Moodie is currently a delegated ‘muser’. He delights his viewers with his in-vogue outfits and photographs on Instagram. The website tvguide.com describes him thus, “He is an imaginative mastermind with uplifting outlook and an inwardly coordinated, self-spurred individual, who works to turn dreams into reality.” His popularity gave him the opportunity to endorse different brands and collaborate with big business houses.

What sets him apart from other social media influencers is his net worth. He is not only the most popular TikTok star but also one of the richest ones. The website allfamousbirthday.com, quoting Forbes and Business Insider, places his net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Of course, when you become star merchandise can be far behind. Sure enough, Moodie too has a range of clothing consisting of hoodies and t-shirts that he sells on moodiemerch.com.

Henry Moodie

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