American Artist Wows All with Her Stunning Oil Paintings

There are painters who are experts in landscape art and others who are adept at portrait painting. But here is an artist who has mastered both, as is evident from her works on her Instagram page and Etsy online shop. Meet Courtney Myers, who is currently making waves with her realistic portrayal of her chosen subjects.

This Atlanta-based artist is an oil painter, who is great with her brush on canvas that enables her to render picture-perfect paintings. And she has an immense variety in her repertoire that includes the oil paintings of celebrities, such as Kobe Bryant, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Elon mask, and even Joker and Pennywise. However, her expertise lies in scenic landscapes. She has captured Winter Cabin, El Capitan, and a few others most realistically.

In 2021, Myers embarked on an original project of rendering an oil landscape for 12 countries. For this, she chose the rugged landscape of Scotland, the enchanting grassy hills, rocky cliffs, shimmering waters, and picturesque sunset. The chosen landscape was from the Isle of Skye, called Old Man of Storr. A bridge connects this isle to Scotland’s northwest coast and is famed for its charming fishing villages and medieval castles.

Myers explains her choice of landscape on, “This particular landscape is from the Isle of Skye and it’s called Old Man of Storr. It was actually recommended to me by a follower from Scotland. I found an absolutely gorgeous reference from the photographer Paul Andrews and he was very kind and willing to let me use the photo as a reference.”

Selecting the right picture was just the beginning. Myers then went on to start with an ‘imprimatura’ that is an initial stain of color painted on the ground. On this, she built up oils and details. In this case, she chose yellow as ‘imprimatura’ and added layers of oil paint on top of it. Finally, she added some of the finer details. The end result was an awe-inspiring oil landscape of this enchanting locale.

Myers has put up all her artworks on her Instagram page and these can also be bought from her Etsy shop.

Courtney Myers

Instagram | Etsy Link

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