Polish Artist Takes Inspiration From Her Dreams To Paint Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Julia Kempa is an artist but can easily be mistaken for a psychiatrist. This is because her creations are concerned mainly with psychological dilemmas, such as insomnia and anxiety. She creates hyper-realistic paintings, using human figures, based on her imaginative and surrealistic visions of figures, scenes, and emotions.

Kempa, who was born in Poland and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, uses digitally manipulated photographs to recreate dreamy portraits and imaginative compositions. And if you’re wondering where she gets her inspiration from, it’s from her dreams! According to her, everything that’s created is a healing process, a meditation that also allows for a subconscious communication between the artist and the viewer.

This Polish artist always loved art and wanted to become a professional painter since her childhood. This is what prompted her to study art. Her eye for detail is something that comes naturally to her, as is evident in all her paintings, even in her childhood drawings. This was what led her to hyperrealism.

Kempa explains the processes involved in her creations in an interview on artmarketmag.com, “Everything always starts from the idea glimpse in my head. Then I do a very fast, simple sketch to give my vision a form. Through this process, I also try to create a different variation to have a large variety of opportunities. When the basic concept is done, I try to take a photograph of particular objects and figures, which are supposed to appear in the painting. Eventually, I always use Photoshop to manipulate the light and colors more realistically, so the viewer will detect a more reliable impression of the final work. The rest is just a painting process.”

Kempa’s works have been displayed in many exhibitions and also figure in many leading publications and national Polish TV channels.

Julia Maria Kempa

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