Paper Artist Turns Paper And Cardboard Into Incredible Works Of Art

Watching Boris Ipsum turn paper and cardboard into geometrical patterns and designs is something to be seen to be believed. His skills in pattern drawing and precise cutting is what helps him produce incredible works of art. It’s thanks to his mathematical and architectural acumen that he’s able to do what he does.

This German artist, based in Stuttgart, Germany, uses geometry for his amazingly symmetrical patterns that beautifully showcase the play of light and shadow. Drawing deeply on geometry, symmetry, and interaction of light and shadow, he develops forms that don’t follow any logical criteria.

According to him, his works are a happy blend of paper architecture and pure graphic design. Each and every work of his is not only spellbinding, but the process of creation is also mesmerizing to watch, as is evident from numerous YouTube videos of his works.

Ipsum’s process is as not as simple as it looks. Imagine the kind of labor that’s required to first draw the design on the cardboards and then precisely cut each cardboard and then join them to make an artistic whole. He not only has to precisely cut each cardboard at a differential, but also calculate the positioning of the pattern precisely, so that the pattern looks aesthetic when put together. All his frames and works are handmade.

Ipsum graduated in communication design at Konstanz University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz, Germany. He joined an advertising agency and moved across several agencies to ultimately head their creative department as art director. However, it was his desire to devote himself exclusively to art independently that led him to become a full-time artist.

His works are displayed on many online art galleries, such as the Black Diamond Gallery, where they can be bought.

Boris Ipsum

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