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Pedro Albuquerque Creates Some Of The Most Expressive Oil-On-Canvas Portraits

With Pedro Albuquerque, it is not just drawing nice figures on canvas and painting them in vibrant colours. Every work of his conveys something quite exquisite and out of the ordinary.

This Portuguese artist, born in 1978, currently resides in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where he creates his masterpieces. He does not draw arbitrarily but sticks to a theme. His exceptional ability to use a unique combination of colours not only makes the figures come alive, but the whole picture tells a story.

For him, the canvas is an open stage where his figures interact with each other to make a meaningful story that establishes metaphors and reveals the feelings of the characters. 

Albuquerque is a gifted artist who honed his painting skills in the fine arts school, University of Oporto. He also earned a degree in plastic arts for this institute. He excels in oil on canvas and his style of work basically hovers on pop, modern and figurative.

Albuquerque takes up serious topics. One of his first paintings was on the refugee children and the Middle East situation. Since he feels the pain of these children, his paintings are an attempt to create awareness about their plight.

His fascination with eyes is quite apparent in his works. He makes them so expressive that they become a medium of conveying his feelings. However, his work is not limited to expressing his feelings on the canvas, but he also does commission portraits.

Albuquerque has represented a number of galleries, such as ECCE Gallery, Rotterdam; Icosahedron Gallery, New York, among others. He has also put up his collections on display in Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. Albuquerque’s works have been exhibited with the renowned artists, such as Augusto Pinho, Björn Treuter, César Aréchiga, David Naman, Katrin Alvarez and many more.

It does not come as a surprise that his paintings have become a rage on the social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. He lives by Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “The future depends on what you do today”.

Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque

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