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Derrick Lin’s ‘Figuratively Speaking’ Book Depicts Actual Reality Of Office Life

Office politics, back stabbing, one-upmanship and other workplace machinations will remain. If you are the perpetrator, you get the chance to cosy up with your boss at the expense of others. If you are the victim, you will certainly suffer in silence or quit.

Image Via: Derrick Lin

Derrick Lin is no quitter. Instead of fighting the negative forces at work in the office, he started portraying them through a not-even-imagined way. And it is not only the dark side of office life that he depicts, but ordinary everyday office life. But, how he depicts it is something to marvel!

Image Via: Derrick Lin

This Taiwanese senior digital marketing strategist has captured it in his universally appealing book ‘Work, Figuratively Speaking: The Big Setbacks and Little Victories of Office Life’. And it certainly resonates with those who have ever held an office job.

Image Via: Derrick Lin

Lin’s unique idea was to use miniatures to render everyday office life in a comical way. His extensive collection of miniatures is his tools of expression by which he recreates the everyday ups and downs of office life – the pains and pleasures of modern office life that are either outright funny or deeply philosophical.

Image Via: Derrick Lin

To depict this, he does not require any studio with lights and cameras, but only his iPhone and a desk lamp to light up his miniatures and capture them on his iPhone camera. Started in 2014, as an in-office creative challenge, his Instagram has been growing exponentially.

Image Via: Derrick Lin

Lin’s Instagram feed has received international coverage. He has also partnered with ‘Entertainment Weekly’, Disney and Chiptole to create original images. Look Some more photos of his work below.

Image Via: Derrick Lin

Image Via: Derrick Lin

Image Via: Derrick Lin

Image Via: Derrick Lin

Image Via: Derrick Lin

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