With Leaf As His Canvas, This Artist Amazes With His Unique Artistic Skills

The 35-year-old, Omid Asadi, originally from Iran, is a leaf artist. Just by using a craft knife or scalpel and a needle, he brings the innocuous leaf to life with his artistic renderings. His work is intricate and requires calculated pressure for cutting; one wrong move and hundreds of hours of work may come to nought.

The leaf art bug bit Asadi early on, when he was just a little kid. He used to draw on the reverse of rose petals and leaves with a needle. It was then that his unique eye began to spot beautiful fallen leaves and fuelled his desire to give them another life by turning them into pieces of art. This desire was what made him a leaf artist.

When he first introduced his leaf art to the public, it was well received. This prompted Asadi to exhibit his art in London. His art also figured in Charlton Art Festival in 2013, Arison Art Gallery and in Milan, also in 2013. In 2013 and 2014, he also exhibited his art at the Corn Exchange in Manchester, United Kingdom, where he currently resides.

Among hundreds of works that he has created, the amazing Persian Cheetah on a maple leaf stands out, since he did it to support this endangered species. Little wonder he received an overwhelmingly positive feedback for this from both the public and the media.

He gets his ideas from his worldview, global problems, poems, stories and philosophy. He admits that works of other artists and designers also inspire him. His favourite is the maple leaf because it is easily available in the area where he lives. 

Says he, “I’m glad people like my works and enjoy them. This shows how we can create beauty, love and make this world better for all of the humankind….”

Check More Of Omid Awesome Work On His Website & On Facebook

Omid Asadi Leaf Art Image 1

Image Via: Omid Asadi

Omid Asadi Leaf Art Image 2
Image Via: Omid Asadi

Omid Asadi Leaf Art Image 3
Image Via: Omid Asadi

Omid Asadi Leaf Art Image 4
Image Via: Omid Asadi

Omid Asadi Leaf Art Image 5
Image Via: Omid Asadi

Omid Asadi Leaf Art Image 6
Image Via: Omid Asadi

Omid Asadi Leaf Art Image 7
Image Via: Omid Asadi

Omid Asadi

Website | Facebook

All Image Are Used With Permission.

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