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This Multi-Talented Woman Owns The Most Colorful Apartment

On her website, Amina Mucciolo describes herself as an artist, pinkaholic, designer, hustler, animal lover, creative force, wife, tassel fairy, puppy mommy, vegetarian and potty mouth. She is also the founder of Studio Mucci that retails luxury handmade items.

Image Via; Studiomucci

But hey! This is certainly not her claim to fame. She has earned the distinction of owning one of the most colorful apartments ever seen. The whole apartment is a riot of colors, not any dull and drab hues, but most amazingly vibrant, soft and light shades that brighten up the place.

Image Via; Studiomucci

It is as if the exciting colors are portraying the colorful life of their creator. The apartment too reflects Mucciolo herself. It is no wonder that when the pics of her apartment hit the social media, it created a storm.

Image Via; Studiomucci

Image Via; Studiomucci

The apartment, steeped in rainbow hues with light purple walls, multicolored pastel cabinets, flower bedecked with artificial flowers in pink and white, colorful paper cranes hanging from the ceiling and other soft colors illuminating every nook and cranny of the condominium, was an instant hit on Instagram.

Image Via; Studiomucci

It is not only her apartment that exudes colors, but Mucciolo herself is always adorned in rainbow braids, colorful clothing, and glitter makeup. Commenting on it, Mucciolo, in an interview to Daily Mail, said, “It’s really important to me that where I live is a reflection of me and my personality, and also of my husband. We like our space to be fun and happy and inspiring.”

Image Via; Studiomucci

Inspiring it certainly is, as can be gauged by the public who won’t get tired of scrolling her colorful pics and following her journey on Instagram. That Amina is creative to the boot is proved by her Studio Mucci that retails items such as JBYFS T-shirts, colorful dresses, fun prints, whimsical novelty bags and others.

Image Via; Studiomucci

After overcoming a life-threatening eating disorder and debilitating depression, she has finally found happiness in her work and family. Says she, “Let’s get free together! Just be your f*cking self and maybe you’ll inspire others to do the same”.

Image Via; Studiomucci

More Info: Dailymail

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