Realistic Paintings of Italian Wildlife Painter Makes People Sit Up and Take Notice

If you want to see tigers, lions, and other wild beasts, you don’t have to travel to the jungles of Africa and Asia, just have a look at the incredibly life-like paintings of Marco Grasso, a 21-year-old Italian wildlife painter. So realistic is his depiction of wild animals that they seem to jump out of the canvas!

This outstanding artist has started making waves with his amazing wildlife art after getting trained by Tiziana Lerda from Cuneo, Northern Italy, who runs an art school. He is also currently enrolled in the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. According to him, he was always passionate about art and nature. So, it comes as no surprise that painting naturalistic subjects gives him great satisfaction.

Grasso’s wildlife passion took him to some of the world’s most majestic natural wonders. The sheer beauty of the place inspired him to paint the exotic species of the animal kingdom. Says he on his website, “I find nature to be an unlimited source of inspiration. Painting an animal for me is a way to understand its anatomy, behavior, and evolutionary history while having fun!”

What makes his wildlife art stand apart from the rest is his endeavor to recreate its fascination and diversity. He shares on his website, “I’m particularly interested in the anatomic and behavioral aspects of the subjects I paint, with the aim of creating a tangible authenticity.”

Creating his very own website was only natural. It not only helped him in interacting with people around the world but also gave him an opportunity to share his passion with like-minded people. His outstanding works have earned him laurels from around the globe.

Grasso was among the top 14 finalists in a national drawing competition ‘Disegna la Natura’, organized by Associazione Italiana Turismo Naturalistico and Oasis magazine. He has been the recipient of the Artists for Conservation Medal of Excellence for his painting ‘Ouverture II’, 2020, as also for Artists for Conservation 2021 Environmental Calendar Cover for his painting ‘Thanatos’.

Grasso has many groups and solo exhibitions to his credit. His first solo exhibition, ‘Luoghi e tempi della Resistenza’, was held at the Museo Casa Galimberti. He is also a member of the two most prestigious international organizations of wildlife artists – Artists for Conservation (AFC) and the Society of Animal Artists (SAA). His works are displayed in Clarendon Fine Art galleries, United Kingdom.

Marco Grasso

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