Italian Artist Uses Stone as a Canvas to Create Beautiful Stone Art

Round pebbles and stones have a charm of their own, so much so, they become collectors’ items for many. However, Maria Michela Troccolo, an Italian artist, adds value to them by painting beautiful sceneries, patterns, plants, animals, and human figures on them. So, stunningly unique are her painted stones that it becomes difficult to choose which one to buy and which one to leave.

Maria always had a fascination for stones, especially the ones she found by the sea. She shares on, “First, I was just picking them by the sea and admiring these amazing creations of nature.” By and by, she hit upon the idea of using them as a canvas to express her art. Thus, started her saga of ‘romancing the stones’!

Italian Artist Uses Stone as a Canvas to Create Beautiful Stone Art 10
Maria Michela Troccolo -The Artist

Creating art on stones is not much different than painting on paper, canvas, or walls. Only the surface is different. This is what can be most challenging. Small stones and uneven surfaces are not the easiest to paint, especially if fine details are to be included.

Although painting on stones is not exactly miniature art, they do have limited space. So, the first step for Maria is to search for a stone of the right size, smooth surface, and attractive shape to make her painting appealing. Depending upon the stone, she also has to choose her subjects carefully. A rectangular or bigger stone is ideal for scenery, a triangular one facilitates figure painting, and a wavy one, animal figures.

This self-taught artist loves painting natural landscapes, animals, and, mostly, everything that has to do with the sea. What makes her art unique is not only her amazing painting skills but also the unique shape and texture of the stone. You can buy her creations at her Etsy shop ‘OceanomareArt’. Her works are also figured on Instagram.

Maria Michela Troccolo

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