English Wildlife Artist Creates Incredible Realistic Paintings of Birds and Animals

Whether it is a canvas or even a sketchbook, Amber Tyldesley is at ease in painting beautiful lifelike birds and animals on them. And the most surprising part is she has not received any formal training in sketching or painting.

One look at the incredible artworks of this 27-year-old artist from Warrington in the UK, and you will know that she is no run-of-the-mill artist. She has evolved her own style of painting wildlife all by herself. All her works are incredibly detailed and the play of light and shadow is quite apparent in all. Little wonder there is a kind of freshness in all her renderings.

But why wildlife? Tyldesley explains on animal-artwork.co.uk, “The animal kingdom offers unlimited inspiration. From familiar favorites to less-represented species, I find every animal has a story to tell and an intriguing set of behaviors to reveal. I want my pieces to be bold- capable of celebrating the incredible beauty of the natural world.”

Tyldesley mastered acrylics that allowing her to infuse intricate details, textures, and colors that are found in nature. She also, at times, enhances her paintings with high-gloss resin to heighten the colors and contrasts of her works to give them a uniquely contemporary finish.

Tyldesley has had no formal training in art, but she did graduate from the University of Liverpool achieving first-class in English honors. It was her passion for art that drove her to pursue art and wildlife became her favorite art subject as she loves the natural world.

It was not long before her works began to get noticed. She entered an international competition for the first time and was shortlisted for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s Wildlife Artist of the Year award 2016. This happened for three consecutive years. One of her works, ‘Inseparable’, was exhibited at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London, UK. Not only this, this work sold prior to the opening night and helped her raise £200 for wildlife conservations projects. She also won the Visitors’ Choice prize for her painting ‘The Snow Queen’ at the Association of Animal Artists’ 2016 and many more.

Amber Tyldesley

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