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This French Artist Creates Fascinating Compositions Using Photoshopped Animals

Meet Julien Tabet. He is certainly a class Photoshop expert in love with animals. However, his depiction of animals in his photos does breathe magic in all his compositions. This is because of his mind-blowing creative thinking.

This 20-year-old French digital artist is a pro at Photoshop, the reason why he effortlessly changes the skin, shape and features of the animals depicted in a photo. His frames do tend towards surrealism, what with zebra stripes turning into wings, a cat staring from under the rug that is actually a sea with boats, a giraffe sitting on the grass with its spots blowing like leaves in the wind and many more.

Creating these fantasy compositions in two dimensions require thinking out of the box. His incredible imagination and sharp artistic sense, coupled with his mastery of the image editing tools, is par excellence and it is displayed in all his works in full measure.Each and every component of his tells a story, but it is the rendering of it through Photoshop that leaves one speechless.

Image: Julien Tabet

Image: Julien Tabet

Image: Julien Tabet

Image: Julien Tabet

Image: Julien Tabet

Image: Julien Tabet

Image: Julien Tabet

Image: Julien Tabet

It is no surprise that Tabet enjoys a following of over 12,000 on Instagram and many more on other social media platforms and websites.

Julien Tabet


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