This Turkish Jewellery Company Will Transform Your Kids’ Drawings Into Pieces Of Jewellery

Can you turn children’s drawing into jewellery? Yes, you can. Unbelievable, but true! It is all thanks to this two-year-old Turkish jewellery company, called TasarimTakarim, that collects kids’ doodles and designs them into wearable jewellery.

If you have kids who doodle, now is your chance to give their creations to this company that holds the expertise of turning your children’s drawing into jewellery. This way, you can wear your children’s creations on your person.


The proud co-founder of the jewellery company, YaseminErdinTavukçu, exudes, “It’s like a single moment of someone’s childhood becomes timeless.” And why not, which parent wouldn’t like to preserve for posterity a piece of jewellery a memento of their kids’ creation?


The company has a unique procedure of converting children’s drawing into jewellery.When TasarimTakarim receives the drawing from its customers, Tavukçu and ÖzgürKaravit, the company’s painter, sculptor and goldsmith, try to visualize the best way to convert the child’s doodle into jewellery. They also figure out in which piece of jewellery would this doodle look the best – cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces or some other item.


For Tavukçu, every drawing is unique and so evidently their application solutions and techniques also need to be unique. The nature of the drawing dictates how the pieces are cut. Since there is no set pattern of the doodles, these jewellery pieces are usually hand cut from silver or gold-plated silver.

If the drawing is an intricate one and more details are required, the designer resorts to laser engraving. Of course, all this is a time-consuming process and takes about a week to get into the final shape. Little wonder, these pieces of jewellery cost upwards of $125.


It is not all profit for Tavukçu, she also presents some jewellery pieces to parents. It is certainly a treat to watch the response of children when they find their drawings in the shape of wearable jewellery.

Tasarim Takarim

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  1. These kids drawings made into jewellery make great gifts for mothers day. My wife has a couple and loves them both. Each piece is bound to be unique and its great to turn kids creativity into fabulous pieces. You can also check out our Kids Jewellery

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