Instagrammer Highlights an Amazing Array of Colors in Music Videos, TV Shows and Films

What is the one thing that adds a lasting appeal to a scene? It is undoubtedly its color composition. The various hues not only enhance the beauty of the scene but bring it to life too. The quality of a successful artist is his or her innate understanding of colors and the use of the most appropriate shades in a scene, whether it is from a television serial, music video, or film.

One such digital creator is Palette Maniac, the name he identifies himself with on his Instagram page. His understanding of colors is simply amazing. He has taken it upon himself to take the scenes from television serials, music videos, and films and explain the color schemes that bring out the mood of those scenes.

Instagrammer Palette Maniac has a “love for colors” that defines the entirety of their account.

Using colors in a composition not only requires a creative mind but also an understanding of the technical details. For the uninitiated, color has four basic characteristics – hue, temperature, value, and saturation. Hue is the color’s identity, such as blue, green, red, etc. Color temperature consists of warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows, and cool colors like blues and greens. Value depicts the lightness or darkness of a color, whereas saturation is the purity or intensity of the color. For example, paint squeezed directly from the tube is of maximum intensity.

Palette Maniac displays the color palettes underneath the images.

Palette Maniac, with his deep knowledge of colors, quickly discerns how the composer has used warm or cool, light or dark, and bright or dull hues in a scene, as also how the features of a location are highlighted by contrasts to bring out the emotions of that particular scene. To enhance the viewers’ understanding of colors, he displays the color palettes underneath the images.

You can enjoy the color palette on Maniac’s Instagram page, where he has dealt with umpteen scenes from television shows, films, and music videos that include the scenes from the famous song ‘Girl Like Me’ by Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, the popular television serial ‘Game of Thrones, and many more. He certainly offers ‘color palettes for every mood’.

Palette Maniac


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