Artist Uses Colored Marker Pens to Infuse Life into Simple Pencil Drawings

Artists normally paint with paintbrushes of varying sizes, using their preferred types of paints. Some even use spatulas to apply thick paint on the canvas for painting in relief. However, here is an artist who is an expert in painting with marker pens! He identifies himself as Zhang & Bread on Instagram.

Hailing from China, this amazing artist gives little information about himself on the internet. But it is his outstanding artwork that speaks for itself. His TikTok and YouTube videos, which showcase his painting prowess, are lapped up by viewers. It is no wonder he enjoys a viewership of over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone.

What this artist does is first create visual drawings of places or structures. Once the initial drawing is completed, he chooses the colors for the different sections of the drawing. He then brings this sketch to life by filling up the details in chosen colors with the help of colored markers. He colors the entire composition, going from one object to the other in his own unique style. His choice of colors and accuracy in applying the broad marker felt tips is simply breathtaking and makes people go wow!

For Zhang & Bread, painting with markers is just plain fun

For Zhang & Bread, painting with markers is just plain fun, though it may seem a difficult task for most. He does not use any special marker brand but considers a variety of such brands. He chooses the ones most appropriate for the task. And he loves to paint buildings and cities. You just need to see how he infuses life into the sketch of the famous Time Square in New York, USA, with his deft penmanship. His other works are equally breathtaking.

painting with markers he expresses his innate desire to travel and paint all over the world.

This artist is as much at ease painting buildings, as he is in painting landscapes and automobiles! However, he expresses his innate desire to travel and paint all over the world. People who love his work follow him on Instagram and TikTok for his latest creations. Despite his popularity on these social media platforms, he still does not have his own website and is still not clear on how to sell his creations.



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