Artist Awes Viewers With Colorful Skull Masks And Smoke Grenades

Weird things have got a way of getting famous. One such bizarre act doing the rounds is the performance by Butch Locsin in colored skull masks in swirling colorful smoke. Why the skull mask? Because, according to him, “The skull is the celebration of the life of the deceased!”

Locsin, who describes himself as the Skeleton of Color, is gaining popularity for such semi-secret performances in his hometown, Los Angeles, USA. His viral videos have made him a star of sorts with media covering his antics. His video profile, produced by the Great Big Story of CNN youth channel, attracted over half-a-million clicks in a matter of a few months.

Locsin’s wacky ways are displayed in full glory in his performances. Sample one, where he appears in a green Day of the Dead-style skull mask, decorated with sunflowers, holding two smoke grenades discharging orange and purple smoke. He leaps into the frame and dances amid this wild and colorful setting.

The truth is, Locsin never wanted to become a performance artist. He started out as a personal trainer, but his desire to further his education led him to take art classes in a community college since he loved painting. Although he found the going tough, he set out to create his own style. The tradition of the Day of the Dead, especially the sugar skull, inspired him and gave him the idea to create the Skeleton of Color.

Blending his colorful skull masks with colored smoke was Locsin’s take on his unique form of art. And what he does is really elaborate. For example, in a 24-minute performance, he goes through no less than 40 smoke grenades! Performing in colorful skull masks has become his signature style.

Locsin has donned a variety of masks in more than 80 performances at photo meets all over Los Angeles. His heaviest mask weighs almost a kilogram, while others are as light as feathers. He has a collection of 35 masks to date, mainly made out of Styrofoam. And his masks are not for sale!

Locsin enjoys a following of over 257,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Butch Locsin

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