The Vibrant Colors Of Brazilian Graffiti Artist Brings The Cities Alive

What the Brazilian graffiti artist and designer, Danilo Roots, does is really amazing. He creates incredible large-scale spray paintings freehand. He’s also an expert in Zentangle art, a technique that incorporates detailed shapes within an image. Little wonder his works are celebrated around the world.

Danilo was introduced to art by his parents when he barely knew how to walk. The gift shop owned by his parents at the ‘hippie’ fair in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil, held all kinds of handicrafts. He also watched kids do graffiti at some events. Street art fascinated him and he started doing so on the walls, and there was no looking back for him.

However, graffiti didn’t quite satiate Danilo’s artistic cravings and he wanted to do something unique. Says he on, “I wanted something that’d pass a message and, as I always noticed, the city was increasingly gray and increasingly distant from nature, animals, flowers. So, I decided to create something that shows how this is an important feature of our lives, making people realize we need to preserve the environment.”

Danilo loves nature and always wanted to create something which brings joy to all those who view his works. Many of his works emphasize the importance of nature.

Danilo’s art tools are spray cans of different colors and permanent markers. With these and an expert hand, he creates amazing patterns and figures on the walls, buildings, and what’ve you. What makes his graffiti stand out is the delightful combination of bright colors accentuated by bold black lines. It’s certainly a treat to watch him use a spray can freehand. So expert is he that no line or color ever gets out of place! Little wonder he has taken his art to the next level.

Danilo not only enjoys a viewership of over 196,000 on Instagram but was also among the top three in the ‘Vivo Call Parade’ contest. One has to agree with him when he says, “The power of art is very big, it makes people reflect and capture, it brings joy where there’s sadness, brings color where there’s no life and even generates curiosity.”

Danilo Roots

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