Weird See-Through Art Explores the Relationship Between Inner Self and Outer Appearance

A tangle of limbs, torsos, and other body parts give way to a view of rib cages, bones, and skulls. Quite unsettling, you’d think. Hey! No. It’s the new form of artwork by Joe Read, who aptly calls himself s.e.e.t.h.r.o.u.g.h on his Instagram page.

Read’s work, though kind of weird, seems to explore the relationship between the inner self and outer appearance of a human being. The artist explains art form on, thus, “I just try to make stuff that ‘feels right’ to me, and hope that other people resonate with it too….”

Since childhood, Read was interested in drawing and painting. According to him, his mother, who’s a great artist, had something to do with it. And her encouragement motivated him to pursue this field. When he passed out of high school, he thought of becoming a video game artist that’d enable him to make art and earn from it too. He took up the job of a concept artist for theme parks and switched to designing mobile games.

Read left his job and took the leap of faith, despite the risk, to become an independent artist. According to him, it was a risk worth taking, since it brought him where he’s today. For his signature artwork, he first sketches his half-baked ideas on a sketchbook and forgets about them. When he stumbles upon them later, he’s able to put them to use to create his unusual art.

Read’s art is popular is evident from his fan following of over 117,000 on Instagram alone.


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