Artist Makes Iconic Portraits and Incredible Works of Art with Found Objects

Discarded items are usually consigned to the dustbin. But artist Jane Perkins has found a novel use for these. She uses miniature toys, buttons, beads, plastic pieces, LEGO pieces, shells, and other discarded items that she finds to create her classic works of art and incredible portraits. So incredible are these that they look like impressionist paintings.

This UK based artist, who calls herself a ‘re-maker’, has taken her inspiration from impressionist art and famous portraits. She took up the challenge to emulate them in her, what she calls, ‘recycled art’, and created portraits of famous characters, such as the Queen of England, Albert Einstein, the famous Afghan girl, Sharbat Bibi, who appeared on the cover of National Geographic, and many more.

Since Perkins doesn’t use paint and brush, her task of creation becomes doubly challenging. She first searches for discarded objects in charity shops, car boot sales, or recycling centers. She then selects the most appropriate pieces, arranges them according to their color, size, and texture, and carefully glues them at the right places to create her art. Selecting the right color and shape and skillfully placing them at the appropriate places is what makes her art so stunning.

Accomplishing what she does is certainly no mean feat. The credit for this goes to her remarkable visualization and amazingly creative mind. What’s even more surprising is she doesn’t color her pieces but uses their original colors to create her artwork. This certainly requires oodles of patience and an eye for detail.

Perkins didn’t start as an artist but followed a career in nursing. It was after she earned a degree in Textiles, that she started focusing on recycled materials. During her final year, she made brooches from small toys and broken jewelry. This motivated her to create more complex subjects from discarded objects.

Jane Perkins


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