Beauty That Brings About Well-Being Is The Guiding Principle Of This Sculptor

Adrien Miller values the beauty that brings about well-being. With this as his guiding principle, he creates intricate face sculptures on ceramic pieces of utility, such as food platters, mugs, teapots, etc., as also stand-alone statues.

Based in Seattle in Washington, USA, this artist is a master in sculpting human forms that he puts alongside everyday life items, thereby providing a sense of comfort and peace to the user. In addition to his mastery over sculpting, he’s also adept at appropriately showcasing his creations that not only gives them an aesthetic appeal but also helps in selling his works online.

Miller uses recycled clay for most of his ceramic work, which he sources from dried out blocks from various studios. The glaze he uses in his creations is food, microwave, and dishwater safe since he mixes it from scratch. He ‘adorns’ his creations by making his pieces hold an array of colored fruits, such as cherries and oranges, or replace the heads and arms of some of his ceramic sculptures with flowers. He’s also at ease in sculpting both ancient works, like the Egyptian bust of Nefertiti, and those that depict the modern world, like a girl taking a picture with her cell phone.

Miller graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of Arts in Oakland, California, USA, having majored not only in sculpture and painting but also photography. He also developed spiritually by taking up a 10-day course of vipassana meditation that, according to him, led to a remarkable holistic transformation in him. This continues to influence his work.

With the intent to share his craft, he began teaching the fine art of clay to students using the potter’s wheel. Devoting two nights a week for a decade to teaching ceramic art, he himself got hooked to it! His focus on making things that feel good to use in daily living stems from the fact that he enjoys making functional objects, be it portraits, figures, or any custom piece. And for him, the more challenging, the better! Little wonder he has a fan following of over 74,000 on Instagram alone.

Adrien Miller

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