Ferrari Worth 2 Crore Seized & Crushed By Police Because There Was No Valid Insurance

The first love of a man is always his car and when something wrong happened to their first love is completely a unbearable pain. I don’t know what this man Zahid Khan is feeling. The incident happened in Birmingham Of England when Zahid park his car Ferrari 458 at Birmingham Crown Court at a conviction appeal.

Khan, who runs a garage, said: “I have been trying to get my car back from the police since April 5.I turned up at Birmingham Crown Court this morning and was really angry to hear it had been destroyed. I can’t believe it.My legal team told the police that we would go to the High Court to get the car back.”

Via: Mail Online

According To Zahid the car was bought in a large auction via a middleman and had spent a lot of money & time. He said: “I ordered parts from Ferrari and had them fitted by a Ferrari approved garage in Birmingham.The police told me they did not believe that the car was mine and that I had to prove ownership.”

His vehicle was confiscated on April 5 and claimed he was told he was being stopped because police suspected the car was stolen. He said he was arrested and handcuffed at the scene and his car seized.

 “I have been trying to get my car back ever since, trying to prove that it did not include stolen parts and that I was the owner.Then we go to Birmingham Crown Court this morning and find that the car has been destroyed.But I did not know anything about that and I can’t believe they have destroyed my car.”

According to a spokesperson, the car was crushed last week because the car doesn’t have a valid insurance.

Whatever the reason is, the man lost his supercar. as he bought it in an auction via a middleman, so maybe it was a stolen car. Khan had spent a lot of money in parts that cost the car a total of 1Crore65lakhs(£200,000)

More Info: mailonline

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