Tattoo Artist ‘Sews’ Embroidered Patches Onto The Skin

Embroidered cloth patches look so cool on jeans and have been around for hundreds of years, used mainly for covering up holes in threadbare clothing and for labeling uniforms. However, here’s an artist who places embroidered patches on the skin! No, he does not sew embroidered patches onto the skin but creates tattoos in their likeness.

Meet tattoo artist Min Zumi of Authentink, based in Sydney, Australia. He has mastered the art of creating ‘fabric patches’ in tattoo to adorn the body parts of his clients. And the patches really look as if they’ve been sewn onto the skin. Why these patches look like the real thing is because of the artist’s incredible attention to detail that makes them look like they’ve actually been stitched to the skin.

Zumi got hooked to creating tattoos when he got one of his own. This motivated him to become a tattoo artist himself. Of course, he never wanted to be a run-of-the-mill artist, so he painstakingly researched the works of other professionals to develop his own style.

Zumi’s intricate designs make his tattoos stand apart. His delicate touch using thin lines of varying colors and shades creates the illusion of threads being sewn onto the skin. Of course, the process of creating such incredible 3D designs requires a lot of planning and concentration. However, he considers all this hard work fun!

It’s certainly a treat to watch Zumi using his sophisticated high-quality equipment to deliver vibrant, long-lasting tattoos in non-toxic inks. He takes special care for cleanliness and hygiene and sterilizes his equipment in hospital-grade autoclaves.

Zumi takes anywhere between three to six hours for creating a typical tattoo. Some of his outstanding works derive their inspiration from Banjo-Kazooie, Daisy Duck, Son Goku, and many others. Of course, such tattooing doesn’t come cheap. He charges around $200 an hour.

Min Zumi

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