Potter’s Earthy Style Of Pottery Is Both Artistic And Functional

There are potters who dazzle you with their artistic prowess in creating incredible products that’s just pieces of art. However, Laura Kotsmith, a full-time potter, creates ceramic pieces that are not only artistic but functional too.

Kotsmith, settled in Minnesota, USA, was creative as far back as she can remember. And art turned out to be her first love. She started teaching art to students. However, pottery always fascinated her and her passion for ceramics only grew. She honed her skills in pottery to such an extent that she decided to take it up full-time, saying goodbye to her career as an art educator.

This outstanding potter took the decision to turn full-time at a time when her hands were really full of her family responsibilities – tending to four children and a husband. However, this didn’t deter her from realizing her potential as a potter. And today, she works with clay to make meaningful pottery for people, who not only admire the products but also use them.

Living in the countryside in northern Minnesota, surrounded by beautiful lakes, ignites her imagination. It comes as no surprise that she derives her inspiration from natural surroundings, as also from all living things and the human spirit. However, it’s her aesthetic sense and intelligent use of processes and materials that make her products stand out from others.

Kotsmith follows the traditional method of pottery using her hands. She prepares the clay by kneading to ensure the moisture content is evenly spread throughout the piece and there’s no air trapped inside. She then shapes the body of her piece using her technique. The product is then dried and fired.

In an email to awesomebyte.com, she shares, “Most of my ceramic work is functional and reflects an earthy style with organic forms and patterns, and underglaze surface for drawing and painting. Adding personalization to my pottery gives me joy in knowing that it’ll bring meaning to someone else.” Her full range of products is showcased in her Etsy shop.

Kotsmith has her own studio in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA, where she spends most of her time. Her products include bowls, mugs, plates, vases, utensil holders, lidded honey pots, pitchers, wine cups, saucer, and plates set, and even ceramic jewelry. She also takes custom orders and delivers the product in two to three weeks. In addition to selling her products on her Etsy shop, Kotsmith also offers pottery classes and parties at her studio.

Laura Kotsmith

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