Getting Incredible 3D Tattoos Is The New Craze Started By This Tattoo Artist

The tattoo wave has swept across the world with celebrities and people from all walks of life getting their favourite figures engraved on their bare skin in every part of their bodies, including the unmentionable ones! What started as dark tattoos on light skin, soon turned colourful and the world thought nothing more can be added to it. But the world was wrong.

It was Jesse Rix, an outstanding tattoo artist, who showed what more can be done with the tattoo. He created the 3D tattoo! These tattoos give the illusion as if they are leaping out of the skin or sinking into it. And his range of the types of 3D tattoos he can create is simply amazing. From geometric motifs to cuboid creations to cityscapes to characters, he can do it all. Whether these tattoos look good is another matter altogether, since for some seeing the illusion of something sticking out of the skin or sinking into it can appear grotesque.

Jesse, who is based in Keene, New Hampshire, US, has been practising this art since 2005. In 2013, he opened his own boutique and mastered the art of optical illusions that was fascinating and unsettling at the same time! Not only did he become adept at creating 3D geometric style tattoos, but also specialized in realism and nature. He gets the inspiration for his designs from the beauty of the world that he gathers while travelling to new places.

Today, Jesse’s 3D tattoos are a rage. Over 200,000 fans follow him on his Instagram page alone and many more on other social media platforms. If you want a 3D tattoo from Jesse, you cannot get one without the prior appointment for which you have to register much in advance!


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