Artist Thrills Viewers By Replicating Life Size Items Into Miniatures

One has to admit there’s a unique charm of miniatures that forever delights us. And a Japanese studio called Mozu has rooms full of them! This miniature studio was started by Kiyotaka Mizukoshi. The minute details with which he meticulously creates each miniature object has to be seen to be believed!

Besides miniatures, this 21-year-old artist also specializes in time-lapse animation and trick art. The bug of creating miniatures had bitten him when he was only 11 and he started with plastic models. When he was in the second year of high school, he worked on his class project ‘My Room’, where he replicated his own room into a miniature model.

It took him six months to complete since he reproduced every object in his room into miniatures. It instantly went viral on Twitter, garnering over 50,000 likes overnight. Another of his miniature work ‘Dwarf’s Stairs’ attracted over 260,000 likes on Twitter.

Mizukoshi’s time-lapse animation ‘Breakdown’ won the highest award in the Youth category of ‘Digicon 6 Asia’, Asia’s largest film festival. His trick art collection ‘NOUTO’, created with the support of three-million yen by crowdfunding, was sold one after the other. This remained a hot topic for the media.

Seeing such a positive response, Mizukoshi went on to establish his studio – Mozu. His work has attracted many big players. Just a year after he had established his studio, he got the opportunity to collaborate with companies, such as Starbucks and a few smartphone companies. He created miniatures and non-stop animations for them.

The detailed work undertaken by Mizukoshi is not easy, since he crafts all objects with his own hands. He also offers behind-the-scene videos to display his creative process. Little wonder his works have been delighting the viewers on the internet. He has over 210,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Kiyotaka Mizukoshi

Instagram | Youtube

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