Artist With Magical Hands Creates Drawings In Mind-Boggling Styles

Most artists master one or two techniques to create their masterpieces. But here’s an artist who has an astounding repertoire of styles that simply befuddle the mind. This artist identifies herself as ‘DP Art Drawing’ and has mastered not just two or three art styles, but so many mind-blowing ones that they’re difficult to count on fingers! What’s more, they’re all completely different from each other!

DP Art Drawing has certainly taken creativity to new heights by the sheer variety of the ways in which she can create her amazing drawings. Give her a compass, and she draws a portrait by merely drawing circles. Give her white threads, and she arranges each strand on a sticky black base to form a picture. Give her a pen with a magnet, and she controls it so incredibly as to sketches a woman’s bust with tangled lines, and many more.

There seems to be nothing that she cannot draw and draw with, whether it’s the compass, thread, a pen with a magnet, or even an iron pen or a drill! In other words, she draws with anything, any material, and with whatever tool she has. You just need to watch her time-lapse videos to see her at work making stunning drawings with unbelievable ease.

Not only this, but DP Art Drawing is also adept at creating flipbooks. The one created from the movie ‘The Avengers’ depicting Bruce Banner’s ‘I’m always angry’ transformation into the Hulk is certainly eyeball-grabbing. Little wonder this job took her over three months to complete, where she created 1,093 individual pencil sketches of Hulk and placed them in a sequence. According to her, this is the largest flipbook she has ever created. It has garnered over 57 million views to date.

In another 17-second flipbook, it took dP Art Drawing over 100 hours to draw 298 Black Panther paintings. Incidentally, the role of Black Panther was played by the late Chadwick Boseman. In one-line condolence, the artist writes on her YouTube page, “In my culture, death is not the end. RIP Chadwick Boseman.”

DP Art Drawing has established herself on the internet. She also offers drawing tutorials on YouTube.


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