This Amazing Artist Uses Pencils And Colored Salts To Create His Works Of Art

If someone tells you that Bashir Sultani is an expert in pencil art, you’re certain to imagine that he creates sketches and illustrations with a pencil. However, this Afghan Canadian artist has given a new twist to pencil art. He uses pencils as objects in his art!

Not only does Sultani arranges pencils as works of art, but he also recreates characters from popular movies and TV shows by drawing them on pencils, neatly stacked side by side to form a canvas. What’s more, he also uses pencils to make stop-motion videos. You just need to have a look at his pencil works to know what we mean.

In pencil art, Sultani doesn’t alter or modify the pencils, but simply joins a sizeable number of them together to form different objects, with the erasers highlighting what he wants to convey. For example, he uses the pencil erasers to form words like ‘FUTURE’ or ‘E=mc2’ and the like. He also makes various symbols like an arrow through the heart, Toyota logo, Mercedes logo, and more.

But this is not Sultani’s only claim to fame, he also creates lifelike portraits and real-looking galaxies by sprinkling colored salts on canvas and arranging these salts into detailed portraits of celebrities and modern-day icons. For this, he uses a black background and tools, such as razor blades and Q-tips, to arrange the grains to form portraits, with shading and all. The videos of his works are totally spellbinding and prove an apt medium to destress one’s mind.

Sultani’s other specialty with pencils and salts, and his visualization and imagination are certainly amazing. It’s a treat to see him arrange simple pencils in such artistic ways that they become unique works of art. His unique pencil art has its share of ardent followers. He enjoys a following of over 40,000 fans on Instagram and over 12,000 on Facebook.

Bashir Sultani

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