Artist Has A Unique Take On Mandala Art

There’s something about mandalas that’s both mysterious and enchanting. In ancient times, these designs held a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Not only were they used as instruments of meditation but were also said to represent different aspects of the universe.

The rich legacy of mandala art was revived by Andrea Moebes in her own unique way. She specialized in dot mandala stone painting. This military spouse has tried her hand at making all kinds of mandala dot designs and is credited with creating some spectacular mandala dot art stones.

Andrea was always interested in art and hit upon the idea of doing something different. So, she sourced some domino and pet rocks and a few acrylic paints and set out to make designs with dots by using special mandala dot art tools. Incidentally, mandala dot art commences from one identifiable center point from which emanate an array of symbols, shapes, and forms. Of course, her initial attempts didn’t turn out good, but her continued persistence led her to become a master mandala dot artist.

Andrea also showcases her process on her many YouTube channels. In one, she tries her hand at doing a Yin Yang-inspired piece for the first time. From sketching the outline to laying the dots on her handmade stone, she renders this Yin Yang symbol with incredible finesse. The end result is a stunning piece of mandala dot art. According to her, she loved playing with this fire and water theme.

Andrea’s works can be seen on her Instagram page, Etsy shop, or many Pinterest sites. A wide variety of mandala art creations are available on her Etsy shop that includes canvas paintings, fine art prints, stones, wooden pebbles, and much else. On Instagram, she has a viewership of over 37,000 and counting.

Andrea Moebes Mandala Artist

Instagram | Etsy Shop (affiliate link)

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